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  1. Meztijas
    Apr 01,  · How ‘Air Pockets’ Can Form in Your Brain Written by Roberta Alexander — Updated on April 1, An year-old man was discovered to have empty space where part of his brain should Roberta Alexander.
  2. Tygot
    Sep 17,  · These air bubbles can travel to your brain, heart, or lungs and cause a heart attack, stroke, or respiratory failure. Air embolisms are rather rare. Causes of an air Rose Kivi.
  3. Gardamuro
    Mar 30,  · The condition is diagnosed by examining brain images to detect the air pocket. Medical patients require immediate surgery in the event that the air pocket causes increased intracranial pressure, brain deterioration or other adverse side effects. In some cases, an air pocket causes no complications and is eventually reabsorbed by the brain.
  4. Grok
    Apr 25,  · Air pockets can also form on the brain. This is usually caused by trauma, which breaches the layers of bone and tissue which protect the brain, and it can force out the cerebrospinal fluid that protects the brain, endangering the patient. Air can also be present in the fluid that surrounds the spine.
  5. Teramar
    Mar 13,  · Concerned about a stroke, a bleed, or a brain tumor, they ordered a CT scan of his brain. That made the cause of his symptoms air apparent. He had a .
  6. Gardagrel
    Dec 21,  · If an arterial gas embolism reaches the brain, it is referred to as a cerebral embolism and can cause a stroke. An injection of ml of air into the cerebral circulation can be fatal.
  7. Kajijind
    You may not have heard of ear barotrauma, but you've probably had it. It's that stuffed-up feeling you get when flying or scuba diving. Learn why it happens and how to prevent it from WebMD.
  8. Tojakasa
    It feels like air-pockets or bubbles roaming in my head. It started about 7 months ago and persisted for about 3 months and then it went away and now recently i started to feel the air-pockets or bubbles in my head again. I am currently taking a temporary blood-pressure medication right now and all I want to know is can you give me advise as to.
  9. Gotilar
    Mar 12,  · It can also occur after sinus infections and head or facial injuries — but with pockets of air or gas that are far smaller. AD. In this case, the patient's pneumatocele — or pressurized air.

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